2015 - 2016 Season
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The US Club Soccer Risk Management Program requires that staff submit to a background check.

      Risk Management Rules

You must complete this form yourself in its entirety - your registrar cannot do this for you.

A valid email address, full legal name and social security number is required. Please review information for any corrections before submitting. The more accurate information presented, the quicker your application can be processed.

Please note that this application will not be processed until your club registrar has requested a staff passcard for you. Providing the registrar with your confirmation number will expedite processing. The registrar will be able to see when your application is submitted and approved, but not the background check information. 

Is a social security number (SSN) a required field to complete a background check for US Club Soccer?

A SSN is a necessary part of the application in order to conduct a quality background check. Background checks are run through a national system with Reference Services, Inc. (RSI), who maintains a secure network to safeguard information. It can quickly clear an applicant, as a SSN provided with the application eliminates incorrect files being reviewed due to common name or spelling. The SSN trace is a tool for ensuring an applicant isn’t intentionally omitting an address from an application, where criminal activity may have occurred. Only valid SSN's can be used, we do not accept TIN numbers.

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